• Planning and Management Control

  • How can we improve when we do not rigorously evaluate our performance or the impact of the decisions we make?
    For us it is essential to boost the business of each company where we work, by improving its management practices.

    Planning and controlling the management of your company may not be an easy task, especially if there is no Financial Director / Controller / Director of Planning and Management Control who supports and guides the decision making process.

    The Planning and Management Control service was designed with the aim of providing the Customer with a rigorous and personalized technical follow-up in the management decision processes of his company.

    EWP Consulting created the Support Program for SME Management, which is based on three phases:
    Management Information | Management Planning | Management Control
    This Program allows to improve the management practices followed in each company, to review or introduce new methodologies of Planning and Control of the business and to support the management decisions that are made in its diverse areas.

    The implementation of our Management Support Program will have an impact on your company in terms of Improved Margins Improvement, Efficiency Enhancement, and Growth in Business Profitability.

  • What Will Change Your Company?

    Many companies have been faced with the need to restructure their business as a result of changes in the market. The reduction of sales and margins they have attended, requires a redefinition of their Organization and business model.