• Business Planning and Control

    How do you manage a company without accurate and timely information? How can we improve when we don’t accurately evaluate our performance or the impact of the decisions we make?

    For us, the key is to enhance each client’s business by improving their management practices.

    The majority of entrepreneurs acknowledge that their company has potential to grow, but that they need to improve their planning processes and management control.

    Understanding your vision for the future of your company – this is the starting point for our work. Our mission is to conceive a Business Plan that will support your company’s management to pursue your vision. EWP will monitor the implementation of your plan and regularly assess its execution and its results. Preparation of annual budgets is another of our responsibilities. Through this we define business objectives and the limit for each cost area.

    Our Business Planning and Control Service also includes monthly business performance reviews and the analysis of decisions to be made, in light of the results presented by the company.


    . Strategy – clarify your company's growth strategy. Many entrepreneurs consider themselves to have a strategy for your business, but they do recognize be little systemized, making difficult the communication and involvement of their team, as well as the evaluation of their results.

    . Assessment – assess how its strategy is to be implemented and measure its impact on the performance of the whole business.

    Efficiency – improve organizational processes internal, that can make your business more efficiently and with greater ability to attract and retain customers.

    Advice Management – You will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate correctly the decisions that have to be taken. Receive information on good practices in other companies.


  • SME Management Program

    We improve the management practices followed in each company by reviewing or introducing new business planning and control methodologies and supporting the management decisions that are made in the various areas of the company.

    We have developed our experience in the main sectors of activity, from Industry to Services.


  • . Methodology



    Based on the Management Program, a diagnosis will be made that will allow to characterize the company in its different areas.



    The conclusions of the diagnosis will be analyzed.
    Priorities will be established and a work schedule established.



    The calendar will be run and the results monitored at each Management Meeting.


  • . Phases of the Management Program


  • .Impact of the Management Program


  • Business Plan for SME's

    The Business Plan is an essential management tool to the success of any SME.

    Through the Business Plan we drew up the model for the development of your company.

    The professional management of an SME does not live without it. Use it as a tool for planning and control of the business. It presents the banks with whom they work, for reasons of their financing needs.

    On the basis of the Business Plan is the Vision that there is on the development of the company.

    Then, we need to address the following set of questions:

    1. Who are our Customers and what opportunities that we have identified in the market

    2. Who are our competitors. What can threaten our presence on the market. What distinguishes the company from the competition

    3. Present the problem that seek to resolve on the market and which our value proposition

    4. Submit the channels that we use to get our product to market

    5. Describe the structure of the company necessary for the development of its activity

    6. Characterize the structure of company's revenue and margins released

    7. Characterize the economic and financial situation of the company

    8. Summarize the strategy that we follow and the objectives we wish to achieve. Identify the critical success factors

    9. Submit the action plan that we will implement

    10. Trend estimates of turnover and EBITDA. Model of Investment and Financing



    Nova Lei da Proteção de Dados (RGPD)
    A sua empresa está preparada?

    O primeiro passo a ser dado é realizar um diagnóstico à medida da sua empresa no enquadramento do novo regulamento (RGPD). Preencha já um pequeno questionário online disponibilizado pela EWP e obtenha o seu orçamento gratuito.

  • Business Restructuring

    Many companies have been confronted by the need to restructure their business, as a result of changes in the market. A fall in sales and margins demands a redefinition of your organization and business model. We conduct restructuring processes that allow a business to adapt to the new environment of the market.