• Accounting and Management Support

    More and more SMEs recognize that accounting is not just a legal necessity. In fact, accounting is one of the most important sources of information for a business.

    The management of a company cannot thrive without strict and timely accounting knowledge.

    EWP offers an Accounting and Management Support Service to each of its clients:

    . The accounting is closed monthly, on a date agreed with the client and not according to the deadlines for the submission of tax returns.

    . We have implemented a system of Analytical Accounting that allows us to evaluate the performance of each business unit of the company.

    . We use an internal quality control process, with a view to ensuring the accuracy of information provided. We carry out periodic reconciliation of balances.

    With a view to cost optimization of each Customer, the accounting process can be carried out by the company itself, with its own resources, supervised and supported by EWP.

    Contact us and learn how we make Accounting a fundamental part in the Management of your company.


  • Auditing

    Performing an audit of a company’s accounts can be necessary, for example, as part of the process of the sale of the company, arising from the need to validate and settle account balances, or from a dispute settlement between partners.

  • Business Evaluation

    Every business has a value. We don’t only need to know the right time to sell. It is also important to know the true value of our company.