• Recruitment

    At EWP we believe that the development of human resources is a key factor for  business competitivity.

    Therefore, we put great care and commitment into the process of selecting and integrating new employees; into looking for adequate personal and professional profiles that fit the requirements of each role.

    We integrate and monitor students of Economics and Management within our team, starting from the first year of their degree course. We give them an opportunity for professional and curricular work experience.

    Our selection process is continuous. Send your application to

  • Recruitment process

    . Certified Accountant - Algarve
       (Financial Department)
       Ad code: 002ewp

      - Customer technical support (Tax and Accounting)
      - Internal Tax and Accounting Support
      - Annual Accounts Closing

      - Management degree
      - “Official accounting technician” degree
      - 5 years of experience
      - Experience in team management and in customer contact
      - English Proficiency

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    Accounting Technician - Algarve
       (Financial Department)
       Ad code: 005ewp

      - Technical Support Tax and Accounting to costumers
      - Fiscal Technical Support and Internal Accounting
      - Accomplishment Annual Closing Process

      - Training in Management
      - Certified Accountant (preferred)
    Age up to 35 years
      - Superior experience between 3 and 5 years in the functions performed
      - High autonomy and technical competence in the
      - High organizational capacity
      - Experience in team management and customer contact
      - Vocational training carried out in the
      - Image and personal presentation (professionalism)
      - Knowledge of English
      - Preferential condition: resident in the municipality of Faro, Olhão or Loulé

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  • . Spontaneous application

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