• Mission

    EWP Consulting was born from the desire to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of SME's by improving their management practices.

  • Our Values

  • Excellence

    We were not born to be average, nor to do less than what is within our reach. We want to be the best and so we are demanding. We search daily to improve our performance. We accept our errors, but we don’t ignore the lessons that we learn from them.


    Our convictions influence our comportment  and commitment. Our actions correspond with what we say. Our commitments are made to be fulfilled, because we respect those who trust in us.
    SERVICE Success depends on what we do for others. We value a Service attitude - helping clients and colleagues resolve their difficulties; putting maximum effort into every task we perform; sharing information and knowledge; serving.


    Sustainable growth can only exist with respect for the personal and professional development of everyone; with knowledge and compliance of all legislations; with respect for the obligations of those who share in the life of the company; with taking responsibility for the information and advice that we provide our clients.


    We value the market differentiations highly, therefore we are committed to being innovative as a means of finding new ways to add value to our clients’ activities.


  • Quality Policy

    EWP Consulting is certified by the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Standard. Learn more about our Quality Policy.

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