• Benefits

    A manager of an SME is typically someone who is heavily involved in the operational processes of the company. He creates emergency responses, but does not avail himself to analyse the company’s results, or reflect on his strategies. Very often, problems with competitiveness and profitability stem from this reality.

  • With this in mind, EWP Consulting assures each client of:

    1. Capacity Planning and Management Control.

    The manager of an SME needs to have a Business Plan to clarify the strategy that helps to drive the company.

  • 2. Processing information relevant to running a company.

    To manage an SME one requires information about the role of each area of the business, but equally one needs the capacity to analyse that information and make the relevant decisions.

  • 3. Increasing professionalism and discipline in managing a business

    The leadership of a business cannot be delegated and brings with it the enormous responsibility of driving a team and building a future. The improvement of its Planning Process and Management Control will be a decisive condition.

    In Portugal, the process of economic adjustment due to the recession will be a lengthy procedure. In order to survive and grow, SME's need to increase their management capacity.